Getting A Grip On Molecular Diagnostics Coverage And Payment

Getting a Grip on Molecular Diagnostics Coverage and Payment

  • November 23, 2016

Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) continue to assume a more prominent role in healthcare, and that means new challenges for payers when it comes to reimbursement, coverage decisions, utilization management, and supporting new care models. Fallon Health is taking these challenges on with an innovative approach to managing a robust MDx program. By focusing on prior authorization, enabling the clinical staff to make informed decisions, and implementing a unique healthcare IT program, Fallon cut review time up to 75%. It's possible your organization could do the same. Learn what Fallon Health did to optimize its MDx program in an upcoming AHIP webinar,…

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The Healthcare Exchange You Haven’t Heard About

The Healthcare Exchange You Haven’t Heard About

  • December 2, 2014

You can't discuss healthcare reform without talking about healthcare insurance exchanges. Certainly they play a central role in the Affordable Care Act, and the focus on enrollment has become an annual industry ritual. But there's another healthcare exchange, centered around molecular diagnostics, that you might not have heard about. Drug Discovery News recently featured it in detail as a commentary by Doug Moeller, MD, Medical Director for McKesson Health Solutions. Dr. Moeller discusses how the number of molecular diagnostic tests is growing faster than payers and providers can manage, and how a cloud-based diagnostics exchange can help them uniquely identify each test, evaluate the clinical utility, accelerate new tests to market, and…

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Reimbursement Coding For Molecular Diagnostics

Reimbursement Coding for Molecular Diagnostics

  • October 28, 2014

In Advance for Laboratory, McKesson medical director Douglas Moeller, MD, explains what Z-Code Identifiers are and why they're needed to identify molecular diagnostic tests. Dr. Moeller also explains how they can work alongside CPT codes to uniquely identify tests, help labs bring their tests to market, and help speed reimbursement. Read the full article here

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A Healthcare IT Halloween

A Healthcare IT Halloween

  • October 26, 2014

There are lots of scary issues that payers and providers face in healthcare IT every day. Payment reform, ICD-10, uncontrolled molecular diagnostic spends, maintaining legacy systems running in a rapidly changing world -- there's no shortage of costly technical challenges to keep us up at night. But with Halloween approaching, we thought it was time to take a lighter look at "what’s scary about healthcare IT." To do that, and to celebrate McKesson Health Solutions 27th annual customer forum taking place this Halloween week in Baltimore, we commissioned some B2B cartoons around a Halloween theme. Here they are! Feel free to share them with your colleagues in email or…

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Z-Code Identifiers And Their Role In MDx Identification And Reimbursement

Z-Code Identifiers and their Role in MDx Identification and Reimbursement

  • October 23, 2014

On OncLive, McKesson Health Solution's Medical Director Douglas Moeller, MD, details the role of Z-code identifiers and the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange in cataloging molecular diagnostic tests. "It allows healthcare stakeholders to make decisions on genetic tests based on their clinical and financial impact, which ultimately reduces disease burden and improves health outcomes," Dr. Moeller says. The article also explains how the catalog helps speed the process for test inventors and laboratories, including: Using Z-code identifiers, a test inventor can obtain a unique identifier during the clinical evidence justification process, allowing specific communication and publication of data regarding the new technology during…

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Discovering The Unseen Risks Of DNA Testing

Discovering the Unseen Risks of DNA Testing

  • October 20, 2014

On a Reach MD podcast, Brian McDonough, MD, talks with Doug Moeller, MD, Medical Director at McKesson Health Solutions, about how physicians can be prepared to support and manage patients undergoing DNA testing. He warns that there are risks to genetic testing such as uncovering latent medical diseases and disorders or uncovering surprising family findings. With more than 14,000 registered genetic tests, being prepared to counsel patients is a challenging yet critical undertaking. Listen to the podcast

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Maintaining A Framework In Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Maintaining a Framework In Molecular Diagnostic Testing

  • August 6, 2014

[8-6-2014] In OncLive, McKesson Health Solutions Medical Director Douglas Moeller, MD, has advice for physicians who need to make judicious decisions about molecular testing. Look at the tests your practice uses most often and classify them into one of six categories: screening, diagnostic, predictive risk, prognostic risk, companion diagnostics and panel testing. Read the full article here.

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