Discovering The Unseen Risks Of DNA Testing

Discovering the Unseen Risks of DNA Testing

  • October 20, 2014

On a Reach MD podcast, Brian McDonough, MD, talks with Doug Moeller, MD, Medical Director at McKesson Health Solutions, about how physicians can be prepared to support and manage patients undergoing DNA testing. He warns that there are risks to genetic testing such as uncovering latent medical diseases and disorders or uncovering surprising family findings. With more than 14,000 registered genetic tests, being prepared to counsel patients is a challenging yet critical undertaking. Listen to the podcast

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Maintaining A Framework In Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Maintaining a Framework In Molecular Diagnostic Testing

  • August 6, 2014

[8-6-2014] In OncLive, McKesson Health Solutions Medical Director Douglas Moeller, MD, has advice for physicians who need to make judicious decisions about molecular testing. Look at the tests your practice uses most often and classify them into one of six categories: screening, diagnostic, predictive risk, prognostic risk, companion diagnostics and panel testing. Read the full article here.

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McKesson’s Jill Strassler And Dr. Douglas Moeller Present On Molecular Diagnostics At Executive War College

McKesson’s Jill Strassler and Dr. Douglas Moeller Present on Molecular Diagnostics at Executive War College

  • April 29, 2014

McKesson’s Jill Strassler, Director, Channel Management, ADM Lab Product Mgmt, joined many of the nation’s top pathologists, laboratory administrators, executives and thought leaders at the 19th annual Executive War College in New Orleans on May 29. Jill’s session, “Understanding the Newest Rules for Showing Clinical Utility of Molecular Tests and How They Shape Payer Pricing Decisions” helped attendees appreciate how Z-Code Identifiers™ help uniquely identify the rapidly growing number of molecular diagnostics tests; and how Z-Codes, as incorporated into the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange™ national test catalog, help drive decision support and claims auditing strategies in managing diagnostics spend. Strassler told…

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McKesson Execs Speak Out On Better Care And Payment Delivery, Specialty Rx Innovation, And More

McKesson Execs Speak Out on Better Care and Payment Delivery, Specialty Rx Innovation, and More

  • April 2, 2014

Here's a roundup of recent media coverage featuring McKesson Health Solutions experts on key healthcare and technology issues, from building a secure healthcare cloud to molecular diagnostics, value-based care, Big Data, bundled payments, ICD-10, and more. Eight Questions Health-Care CEOs Must Ask IT Leaders Before Deploying Systems in the Cloud Can cloud computing solve age-old problem of connecting stakeholders, and help move health care toward a streamlined delivery model? The answer relies on healthcare CEOs and their technology infrastructure, according to this recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Bob Franceschini, McKesson’s VP of enterprise architecture and technology.  Is your leadership is…

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Unlocked Genomes Provide Clinical Answers, But Questions About Universal Test Catalog Remain

Unlocked Genomes Provide Clinical Answers, But Questions about Universal Test Catalog Remain

  • March 17, 2014

In an article on OncLive, McKesson's Douglas Moeller, MD, lays out the challenges we're facing given the proliferation of genetic diagnostic tests. Physicians can't possibly stay current as new tests are developed, and there are concerns about explosive costs of tests that might not have proven clinical utility. He makes the case for a universal molecular database that identifies tests, which can then be supported by analytic validity, clinical validity, and clinical utility. Read the full article

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Why A Universal Catalog For Molecular Testing Is Critical

Why a Universal Catalog for Molecular Testing is Critical

  • February 26, 2014

In earlier posts on the new frontier of Molecular Diagnostic testing, I’ve discussed the need for identifying and classifying tests as well as the opportunity and challenges this new technology brings to payers, providers and lab stakeholders. Building a knowledge base of basic principles is the next step. In this post, I explore the merits of a single national catalog for Molecular Diagnostics testing. Test information is complex and always changing Marketing 101, Theorem 1: Buyers must first understand what products, devices, or services are available before they can choose what to buy – or how much to pay. Let’s…

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Palmetto GBA Cut Its MDx Spending In Half With Innovative Approach

Palmetto GBA cut its MDx spending in half with innovative approach

  • February 21, 2014

A dramatic rise in spending on molecular diagnostic (MDx) tests, coupled with an inability to identify specific MDx tests submitted on claims, led Palmetto GBA, to initiate the Palmetto MolDX program. The Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) wanted a way to uniquely identify and improve coverage and reimbursement for molecular diagnostic tests. The Palmetto MolDx program helped Palmetto meet accurately process claims by identifying specific MDx tests and applying Medicare coverage policies. The return on investment for the program was immediate, according to Palmetto and resulted in a cost avoidance of about…

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Genomics Come To HIE

Genomics Come to HIE

  • January 20, 2014

Mike Miliard, Managing Editor of Healthcare IT News, reports on the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange, and explains how it provides an online infrastructure -- including the use of Z-Code Identifiers that uniquely identify molecular diagnostics tests -- that helps support the AMA's efforts to advance personalized medicine, promote access to innovative diagnostic capabilities, and improve patient outcomes. Miliard also covers the progress of Palmetto GBA's use of McKesson Diagnostics Exchange and the benefits they are seeing. Read the article

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A Prescription For Specialty Pharmaceuticals

A Prescription for Specialty Pharmaceuticals

  • November 8, 2013

"The explosive growth in molecular diagnostics and specialty pharmaceuticals is outpacing the growth seen in any prior era, raising serious concerns about clinical quality and cost," writes Douglas Moeller, MD, Medical Director, McKesson Health Solutions, in a recent Formulary Watch bylined article. Web-based decision support software and more sophisticated claims auditing software are now available to help clinicians and payers keep pace with new drugs. Dr. Moeller goes on to describe the challenges and complexity of coding specialty pharmaceuticals, using Botox as a prime example. He discusses the issues of having unique tracking/billing codes, multiple indications, market implications, and better outcomes through collaboration of payers,…

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