Getting In Front Of The Problem: How Can Hospitals Empower Denial Prevention And Management?

Getting in Front of the Problem: How Can Hospitals Empower Denial Prevention and Management?

  • November 22, 2015

Claim denials are a significant financial drain, costing healthcare organizations roughly 3% of their net revenue stream. The white paper, Getting in Front of the Problem: How Can Hospitals Empower Denial Prevention and Management? delves into three key strategies for reducing denials -- and how hospitals have used them effectively. Learn how to take steps to prevent denials on the front-end, manage denials through efficient workflows and processes, and analyze data for common causes of denials. Read now or download and read later

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Payers, Providers Come Together At 28th Annual McKesson Health Solutions Conference

Payers, Providers Come Together at 28th Annual McKesson Health Solutions Conference

  • October 19, 2015

Today we opened the 28th annual McKesson Health Solutions Conference, where over 300 healthcare professionals from leading payers and providers come together for a week of networking, learning, and focusing on a better future for healthcare. This year MHSC takes place at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas. McKesson executives and customers will discuss key industry issues and share ideas, experiences, and best practices for simplifying and transforming reimbursement with the new healthcare consumer in mind. Next year MHSC arrives in Orlando, Fla. If you'd like to attend, set a bookmark to the MHS Conference event page, and keep an…

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6 Steps To Price Transparency, According To St. Luke’s Health System

6 Steps to Price Transparency, according to St. Luke’s Health System

  • June 24, 2015

It's no surprise that price transparency was a hot topic at this week’s HFMA 2015 ANI conference. It's a looming challenge many providers are struggling with today. St. Luke's Health System is making short work of that challenge with our help, and they shared their advice and lessons learned at a packed conference session. That session was also covered by Healthcare Finance News. There's also a case study you can grab on RelayHealth Financial's web site, as well as a white paper we produced around the concept of payment clarity and its potential impact on the revenue cycle. Read the…

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Payment Clarity Ahead: Why It Matters, And How It Can Help Your Patients And Your Bottom Line

Payment Clarity Ahead: Why it Matters, and How it can Help Your Patients and Your Bottom Line

  • June 22, 2015

This week’s Becker’s Revenue Cycle Management Report newsletter features an article by John Holyoak of RelayHealth Financial that covers the payment clarity trend. It explains what payment clarity is and how it helps healthcare providers better engage patients and improve collections. The article was also featured in Becker's Hospital CFO. Holyoak and the RelayHealth Financial team will be at the HFMA 2015 ANI this week in booth #425. Stop by and say hi if you’re at ANI! Read the Becker's article here

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Sharpening The Focus On Revenue Cycle Payment Clarity

Sharpening the Focus on Revenue Cycle Payment Clarity

  • April 13, 2015

Heard about "patient payment clarity" yet? If not, you will soon. This new concept is winning fans at forward-thinking hospitals and raising eyebrows with revenue cycle executives as they learn about the term. For hospitals, patient payment clarity is getting visibility into when and how much they will be paid, by whom and the ability to better navigate the obstacles to payment. For patients, payment clarity goes beyond transparency to promote satisfaction and instill loyalty. To help providers understand and capitalize on this trend, we've put together a fast-reading white paper that explains what patient payment clarity is, why it matters, and how it helps…

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Revenue Cycle Payment Clarity

Revenue Cycle Payment Clarity

  • April 10, 2015

The increasing prevalence of high-deductible health plans, along with higher patient out-of-pocket expenses, is leaving more and more patients unable to pay their bills and providers unsure about reimbursement. To maintain payment flow, providers need visibility into when and how much they will be paid, and by whom. They also need to get better at navigating obstacles to payment. This Revenue Cycle Payment Clarity white paper describes how providers can implement the tools and processes to help provide payment clarity and accelerate revenue. Read now or download and read later

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Credible, Defensible Estimates

Credible, Defensible Estimates

  • October 14, 2013

Believe it or not, patients actually notice and care about the billing process. A recent survey found the higher a patient's satisfaction with the billing process was, the higher their overall satisfaction with the hospital and the clinical treatment received. Credible, Defensible Estimates explains why hospitals should help patients gain a realistic expectation about their financial responsibility up front, and how to make that happen on a consistent, reliable basis. The white paper also describes RelayHealth's Estimation Maturity Model (EMM) for creating estimates. Read now or download and read later

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