Celebrating National Health IT Week

National Health IT WeekIn recognition of National Health IT Week, we’ve collected some of our most popular articles on healthcare payment innovation topics for you.

Health IT innovation isn’t just about technology. No matter how inventive a new technology is, it’s only as effective as the people, processes, and policies that surround it. Technology alone doesn’t solve problems. The people who use it do.

For example, when reading From Silos to Services for Value-Based Care, you’ll see how the technology itself wasn’t particularly innovative — it was “just” a database — but the way the hospital’s team designed and used it required breakthrough thinking that resulted in a fresh time- and cost-saving process that helped improve care quality.

Run your thumb down this list and pick a few good reads for your leisure time. And please feel free to share these articles with your friends, colleagues, and social networks if you find them valuable.

We hope you enjoy these articles and, more importantly, learn something new and innovative from them–something you can put into practice in your organization to help improve efficiency and patient care. Because the innovation we celebrate during National Health IT Week doesn’t happen without advocacy and implementation by professionals like you.