Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Bundled Payments

When it comes to bundled payments, you have questions. And we’ve been listening.

We compiled the top questions our customers ask about bundled payments and posed them to Francois de Brantes, Executive Director of the Health Care Incentive Improvement Institute (a-k-a HCI3). In this unscripted, unrehearsed live interview, Francois provides answers to the following questions:

How bundled payments work

  • How is the member benefit and product design handled for bundled payments?
  • How is the member obligation handled in bundled payments?
  • How is risk adjustment managed in prospective bundled payments?
  • Who takes responsibility of costs incurred by patients going outside of the care team?

Inside bundled payment models

  • How do the Prometheus ECRs (Evidence-informed Case Rate) compare to the CMMI BPCII (CMMI’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative) episode definitions?
  • How configurable are the ECRs?
  • Should we include HIE (Health Information Exchange) interoperability measures as part of our bundled payment metrics?

Best practices for getting started with bundled payments

  • Is prospective bundled payment the ultimate goal, and should we first start with retrospective?
  • For a provider interested in bundled payments, what are the first steps to pursue?
  • For a payer interested in bundled payments, what are the first steps to pursue?
  • How should we determine which episodes to start with?

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We hope you enjoy this podcast and find it informative. If you have more questions or would like information about how McKesson can help your organization get started with bundled payments, contact us.