How We Can Make Healthcare Payment and Delivery Reform Work

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The current array of healthcare reforms hasn’t produced a single reimbursement model that can replace our reliance on a fee-for-service (FFS) foundation, nor has it accounted for the seismic shift in care delivery that providers must make.

We need a definitive transition from the current FFS system to one that will drive value through mixed reimbursement schemes, which themselves support multiple forms of payment bundling in conjunction with limited FFS.

In this new white paper, How We Can Make Payment and Delivery Reform Work, Dr. David Nace, VP and medical director at McKesson Health Solutions, defines the five critical elements of successful care delivery reform that payers and providers must consider. Dr. Nace covers the history of the care and reimbursement models that resulted in our reliance on volume-based medicine, and then provides compelling insights and expert counsel on how healthcare can transition to a collaborative value-based model.

It’s essential reading for everyone interested in aligning providers and patients in coordinated care models that help reduce costs and improve quality.

DOWNLOAD and share the WHITE PAPER now