Time for a Kinder, Smarter Utilization Management


Our proposal for a new utilization model continues to spark conversation. Today Healthcare Payer News featured an article by Matthew Zubiller and Tammie Phillips that paints a picture of a world where UM bridges to value-based decision support. It’s different from the UM we all know and hate. Pragmatically, however, it uses the industry’s established UM system as a “jumping off” point to align with value-based models.

Zubiller and Phillips will also be presenting a session on this at AHIP’s Institute this week as well. The session, “Utilization management is broken. Here’s how to fix it for a value-based world,” will kick off June 4th at 3:45 p.m. in room 201AB. Stop by and take it in if you’re at Institute this week!

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