How Health Plans Can Keep Their Approach To New Markets Nimble, Collaborative, And Effective

How Health Plans Can Keep Their Approach to New Markets Nimble, Collaborative, and Effective

  • May 9, 2014

In Managed Care, Michael Flanagan,  associate VP for product management at McKesson Health Solutions, describes what health plans need to do to succeed on the new healthcare exchanges. Plans need new capabilities, such as flexible network management and an unprecedented level of coordination between payers and providers. Payers need to be agile, adjusting to a newly enrolled population, and need the ability to administer more complex product designs, care delivery, and reimbursement initiatives quickly and efficiently. Flanagan lays out a template for health plans to drive their activity on the health insurance exchange. Read the full story here

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McKesson’s Jill Strassler And Dr. Douglas Moeller Present On Molecular Diagnostics At Executive War College

McKesson’s Jill Strassler and Dr. Douglas Moeller Present on Molecular Diagnostics at Executive War College

  • April 29, 2014

McKesson’s Jill Strassler, Director, Channel Management, ADM Lab Product Mgmt, joined many of the nation’s top pathologists, laboratory administrators, executives and thought leaders at the 19th annual Executive War College in New Orleans on May 29. Jill’s session, “Understanding the Newest Rules for Showing Clinical Utility of Molecular Tests and How They Shape Payer Pricing Decisions” helped attendees appreciate how Z-Code Identifiers™ help uniquely identify the rapidly growing number of molecular diagnostics tests; and how Z-Codes, as incorporated into the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange™ national test catalog, help drive decision support and claims auditing strategies in managing diagnostics spend. Strassler told…

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Transform Your VBR Initiatives By Fast-tracking Your Contracting

Transform your VBR initiatives by fast-tracking your contracting

  • April 9, 2014

In today’s world of new regulations and new payment models, existing contracting and payment processes require more modern solutions for navigating this complexity. Organizations increase their error rates when they become reliant on manual workarounds within their network design, contracting and payment processes. Successful contract management requires automation throughout the contracting cycle and an easy, transparent workflow between payers and providers. In an upcoming two-part webinar, “Put Your Contracting Initiatives on the Fast Track,” McKesson's Michael Flanagan will share industry best practices around contract management and how streamlining the process can support an organization’s larger value-based care and payment strategy. The…

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McKesson Execs Speak Out On Better Care And Payment Delivery, Specialty Rx Innovation, And More

McKesson Execs Speak Out on Better Care and Payment Delivery, Specialty Rx Innovation, and More

  • April 2, 2014

Here's a roundup of recent media coverage featuring McKesson Health Solutions experts on key healthcare and technology issues, from building a secure healthcare cloud to molecular diagnostics, value-based care, Big Data, bundled payments, ICD-10, and more. Eight Questions Health-Care CEOs Must Ask IT Leaders Before Deploying Systems in the Cloud Can cloud computing solve age-old problem of connecting stakeholders, and help move health care toward a streamlined delivery model? The answer relies on healthcare CEOs and their technology infrastructure, according to this recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Bob Franceschini, McKesson’s VP of enterprise architecture and technology.  Is your leadership is…

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Unlocked Genomes Provide Clinical Answers, But Questions About Universal Test Catalog Remain

Unlocked Genomes Provide Clinical Answers, But Questions about Universal Test Catalog Remain

  • March 17, 2014

In an article on OncLive, McKesson's Douglas Moeller, MD, lays out the challenges we're facing given the proliferation of genetic diagnostic tests. Physicians can't possibly stay current as new tests are developed, and there are concerns about explosive costs of tests that might not have proven clinical utility. He makes the case for a universal molecular database that identifies tests, which can then be supported by analytic validity, clinical validity, and clinical utility. Read the full article

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6 Steps To Keep Cash Flowing Post ICD-10

6 Steps to Keep Cash Flowing Post ICD-10

  • March 16, 2014

Hospitals looking to protect their revenue streams need to do more than verify compliance of financial connectivity software. In this issue of Healthcare IT News, Josh Berman, Director of ICD-10 at RelayHealth, provides six steps that payers need to take before the October 2015 deadline. Read the full story

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ICD-10 Testing With Or Without CMS

ICD-10 Testing With or Without CMS

  • March 10, 2014

CMS just concluded a week of limited ICD-10 testing, but only some providers were able to take advantage of it. In an article in Medical Practice Insider, Josh Berman, Director of ICD-10 at RelayHealth, provided advice and some next steps for those organizations not chosen to participate in the CMS testing. Read the full article

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CMS ICD-10 ‘Acknowledgement’ Test Done, Now Comes The Hard Part

CMS ICD-10 ‘Acknowledgement’ Test Done, Now Comes the Hard Part

  • March 7, 2014

In a first step towards the ICD-10 transition, CMS Acknowledgement testing was successful, according to an article in HealthData Management. But Josh Berman, Director of ICD-10 at RelayHealth, said that while the results were reassuring, more needs to be done. The real concern,  said Berman, remains whether insurers will be able to process the claims. Berman urged payers to begin conducting end-to-end testing.  "While most providers were not ready for end-to-end testing three or four months ago, large numbers are quickly getting there and Berman expects end-to-end test requests to ramp up in April and May," the article stated. Read the full article

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