McKesson’s RelayHealth Teams With Emergency Recovery

McKesson’s RelayHealth Teams with Emergency Recovery

  • December 13, 2016

Hospitals dislike going after unpaid claims, especially when it means chasing down money from patients. So McKesson's RelayHealth Financial teamed up with Emergency Recovery Inc. to help providers find and recover millions in unrecovered revenue, without having to bother their patients. Read the article

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RelayHealth Financial Teams With ERI For Revenue Recovery Services

RelayHealth Financial Teams with ERI for Revenue Recovery Services

  • December 12, 2016

Today McKesson's RelayHealth Financial announced that it has teamed up with Emergency Recovery Inc. (ERI)  to provide revenue recovery services for its provider customers. The service can help providers find and recover millions in otherwise unrecovered revenue, without contacting patients or charging up-front fees. Read the news release

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6 Experts Share Healthcare RCM Predictions For 2017

6 Experts Share Healthcare RCM Predictions for 2017

  • December 7, 2016

"We're on the verge of a digital Renaissance in healthcare," predicts a McKesson VP, when asked by Becker's Hospital CFO to look into the near future.  Six health care experts make their profound and practical predictions for revenue cycle management in 2017. Read the article

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Fixing Healthcare’s Broken Pre-Authorization Model

Fixing Healthcare’s Broken Pre-Authorization Model

  • November 28, 2016

Among the processes that influence the healthcare revenue cycle, pre-authorization stands out—and not in a good way! Most provider organizations are still managing pre-authorizations the old fashioned way: manually, with paper, pen, fax, and phone. These ad hoc methods of securing and confirming payer approval for non-emergency medical services are error-prone and inefficient, and often lead to denied or rejected claims or, worse, delays in service. Few organizations file claims manually any longer. Why, then, are we still completing, filing, and managing pre-authorization requests as if it's 1980? Technology advancements finally make it possible for providers to standardize and centralize…

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Getting A Grip On Molecular Diagnostics Coverage And Payment

Getting a Grip on Molecular Diagnostics Coverage and Payment

  • November 23, 2016

Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) continue to assume a more prominent role in healthcare, and that means new challenges for payers when it comes to reimbursement, coverage decisions, utilization management, and supporting new care models. Fallon Health is taking these challenges on with an innovative approach to managing a robust MDx program. By focusing on prior authorization, enabling the clinical staff to make informed decisions, and implementing a unique healthcare IT program, Fallon cut review time up to 75%. It's possible your organization could do the same. Learn what Fallon Health did to optimize its MDx program in an upcoming AHIP webinar,…

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