Reinventing Utilization Management

When utilization management works effectively in healthcare, everything runs better. That was the message delivered by Nilo Mehrabian, VP of Product Management at Change Healthcare, in the presentation she delivered at the AHIP Institute and Expo 2017, in Austin, Texas.

Nilo discussed her session with Ian Gilbert, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Decision Management at Change Healthcare, in a live Twitter broadcast from the expo show floor. They discussed the importance of transforming UM, improving processes overall, and how to best utilize technology to help create trust between payers and providers.

Get the synopsis of Nilo’s presentation, “Reinventing Utilization Management: Faster, Smarter, and Automated”, as well as hearing her ideas on collaborating with providers to resolve pain points around authorization, below.

To watch it full screen, click the red Periscope icon or this link.