ZeOmega And InterQual Bring Prior Auths Up To Speed

ZeOmega and InterQual Bring Prior Auths Up To Speed

  • April 29, 2017

Every provider would like prior auths to be faster and easier, so they can focus on delivering appropriate patient care instead of pushing paper. Now ZeOmega, developer of the Jiva population health management platform, has integrated InterQual Connect to help make automated authorizations a reality. In this new webinar, ZeOmega demonstrates how Jiva and InterQual Connect work together to streamline and automate auth requests, making exception-based UM a reality.

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HealthTrio And InterQual Transforming UM: Rapid, Automated Prior Auths Arrive

HealthTrio and InterQual Transforming UM: Rapid, Automated Prior Auths Arrive

  • April 29, 2017

The prior-auth process has always been a challenge for providers: How to get approvals faster, so better care can go forward. Healthcare SaaS solutions innovator HealthTrio has integrated InterQual Connect into its Smart Connect portal to automate prior-authorization, resulting in faster auths and patient treatment. In this new webinar, see how nonprofit health plan CareOregon is using the solution to reduce manual work and speed appropriate patient care.  

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Put Prior-Auth On The Fast-Track

Put Prior-Auth on the Fast-Track

  • December 15, 2016

Everyone who thinks prior-authorization is a fast, efficient process, please raise your hand. No raised hands? No surprise. That’s because the prior auth process has been on the slow track for years, powered by paper, faxing, siloed software, and phone calls. Now payers can give provider networks a fast-track option for prior auth, where getting an authorization is as easy as requesting it through the payer’s care management portal. Payers like it because it reduces costs by freeing staff to tackle other things. Providers like it because it helps speed quality care. In fact, the only people who don’t like…

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Getting A Grip On Molecular Diagnostics Coverage And Payment

Getting a Grip on Molecular Diagnostics Coverage and Payment

  • November 23, 2016

Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) continue to assume a more prominent role in healthcare, and that means new challenges for payers when it comes to reimbursement, coverage decisions, utilization management, and supporting new care models. Fallon Health is taking these challenges on with an innovative approach to managing a robust MDx program. By focusing on prior authorization, enabling the clinical staff to make informed decisions, and implementing a unique healthcare IT program, Fallon cut review time up to 75%. It's possible your organization could do the same. Learn what Fallon Health did to optimize its MDx program in an upcoming AHIP webinar,…

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Learn How To Move Authorizations Into The Fast Lane

Learn How to Move Authorizations into the Fast Lane

  • October 13, 2016

Prior authorizations don't have to be a costly, tedious, or manual process. What if we could automate and streamline authorizations, so clinicians could request and receive an authorization in minutes if not seconds, without touching paper, phone, or a fax machine--and without ever leaving their preferred care management platform? We can now stop asking "what if?" McKesson and ZeOmega are bringing automated authorization with medical review to the forefront, because now ZeOmega's Jiva population health platform interoperates with McKesson’s InterQual Connect. See how it works. Discover how this partnership delivers on the promise of exception-based UM. And learn why it…

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