When ICD-10 Testing Goes Wrong


Have you ever encountered the acronym “GIGO?” It stands for Garbage-In-Garbage-Out, a computer industry concept that stresses the importance of a sound end-to-end logical process. If your process is flawed, then the data that results can’t be trusted.

Nowhere is GIGO more appropriate than when it comes to ICD-10 testing. If your ICD-10 testing process is flawed or otherwise incomplete, what appear to be good results might actually be giving your organization a false sense of readiness.

To help providers better understand their testing options, our colleagues at RelayHealth Financial produced a short video that can quickly get anyone up to speed on the ICD-10 testing scenarios being used today. When is an ICD-10 test not a good test? Find out and sanity check your own ICD-10 testing process by giving this 2-minute video a spin.