Why Financial Engagement is the Linchpin of Consumer Engagement

It’s happening more and more: Once medical treatment is rendered, the customer gets the bill and calls their provider asking, “What  does this mean?”

At the recent AHIP Institute and Expo 2017, two leaders in the field of medical payments broke it down for attendees in their presentation, “Why Financial Engagement is the Linchpin of Consumer Engagement.”

Stuart Hanson, SVP and GM of Consumer Payment Solutions for Change Healthcare, was joined by Jack Gehrke, Head of Digital Consumer Payments at Aetna. They shared statistics that reflect the challenges customers face in making sense of their coverage and invoices, and why it’s important that payers and providers work together to understand consumers’ struggle.

Change Healthcare’s Amy Valli interviewed Stuart and Jack live on Twitter immediately following their presentation, where they shared some of the high points of their talk. Here’s the archive.

To watch it full screen, click the red Periscope icon or this link.