Z-Code Identifiers and their Role in MDx Identification and Reimbursement


On OncLive, McKesson Health Solution’s Medical Director Douglas Moeller, MD, details the role of Z-code identifiers and the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange in cataloging molecular diagnostic tests.

“It allows healthcare stakeholders to make decisions on genetic tests based on their clinical and financial impact, which ultimately reduces disease burden and improves health outcomes,” Dr. Moeller says. The article also explains how the catalog helps speed the process for test inventors and laboratories, including:

  • Using Z-code identifiers, a test inventor can obtain a unique identifier during the clinical evidence justification process, allowing specific communication and publication of data regarding the new technology during the evidence development phase.
  • Inventors can talk specifically about new technology, the evidence needed to establish clinical validity and clinical utility, and pricing, well in advance of documenting requirements for a full-fledged CPT or HCPCS code.

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